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Small Munsterlander 

The Small Munsterlander Pointer, one of the four original versatile hunting breeds, is great in the field and easy going at home.  The Munsterlander can carry out the duties of a pointer and retriever of both fur and feathered game from land or water. The Small Munsterlander has great enthusiasm for retrieving, water work, tenacity and voice (bark when chasing furred game) on the track. They excel at finding the bird before and after the shot due to their excellent nose. They are eager to please, but also can be persistent. The Munsterlander is easy to train, however, they were bred to be active hunters so adequate exercise is very important for them. Preferably every day. 


Megan is 22 years old and has been hunting with her dad and brother since she was five years old. They have always had a dog to hunt with, but Megan didn't realize her passion for dogs until they get their Chocolate Labrador Retriever in 2012. Then she realized how fun it is to watch dogs hunt and she wanted to get more involved. She then started working at Prairie Peak Kennels and was introduced to the Small Munsterlander. Her and her dad went and had dinner with Jack and Ashley at Prairie Peak. That is when they realized the breed was so amazing. Prairie Peaks "Stolie" captured their hearts. Megan did some research and found that they are a great house dog and have a drive to hunt. The Munsterlanders size is the perfect size for what Megan was looking for, and so when she found out that Stolie was going to have a litter, she decided she was going to get one. She got her first Munster-Prairie Peaks Adleys April Fool. Call name- Remi- Born 1/9/16. Megan now works closely with Michelle from Brush Dale Farms to produce the best Small Munsterlanders for generations to come. I am a part of a mentoring network of Independent breeders called the Small Munsterlander Breeders Network that spun off from the SMCNA about five years ago. Breeders follow the same breeding qualifications as the SMCNA. Dogs are hunt-tested, hip-tested, and judged and rated for FCI conformation at IABCA Dog Shows. Michelle is our biggest mentor in the Network.


Megan currently owns and hunts both Remi and Luna (pictured above). To Learn more about them and this breed, head to the Small Munsterlander Tab! 

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