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Puppy Culture Program

What is Puppy Culture and what does it have to do with my hunting dog?

The Puppy Culture Program was designed by Jane Killion. Jane is a dog breeder, dog trainer, and author. Jane and her husband breed Bull Terriers. Now you are probably wondering what does a lady who breeds Bull Terriers have anything to do with Small Munsterlanders. Well a lot, actually! 

Puppy Culture is a program to help breeders and new puppy owners on what to do for the first twelve weeks of a puppies life. It is combined with videos, workbooks and more. These videos follow one of Jane's Bull Terrier litters all the way to three years old to show you that this works! Each video teaches about each week of a puppies life and what I, as a breeder, should be doing to  ensure that each puppy I send home has the tools/experiences he or she should have by the time he or she goes home. It does not matter if you have a hunting dog, herding dog, lap dog, etc, every dog should go through and have these experiences under their belt before they go home from their breeder. I truly wish I would have known about this sooner! I will forever continue this program with all my future litters and have a piece of mind that these dogs I send home will be more capable to experience more things and have a good foundation started in the training world.

Here is a Video of Jane's WHY

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