Meet Luna

Muddy Paws Alberta (Luna) was born on July 6th, 2018 as apart of Muddy Paws A Litter. Luna's sire is IntCH Dag Zimni Vrch (Ozzy) and her dam is Prairie Peak's Adleys April Fool (Remi). Luna is dark roan female with dense, soft coat. She has beautiful feathering on her legs, tail, and ears. Luna has a bigger bone structure than Remi and weighs about 45 lbs and about 55cm tall. 

The Huntress

Luna is a driven hunter! She takes after her mother in tracking. She knows exactly when/if she passes by a bird. She does a 360 and turns right on that bird. Megan and her father were training with Luna for her NA tests. They made a mistake and let her catch a bird or two in training so she stopped pointing all together. They went to Thursday night training sessions at the MN local Chapter and by doing so, they learned from fellow members to take a break all together from training. Megan and Dean took a month off from training, which worked out good because Megan's brother was getting married and she focused on the B Litter puppies. Once they got back to training, Luna forgot that she used to bust birds and was pointing beautifully! Her pointing, tracking, search and water work were at its best! Megan tested Luna in August. That day was rough. Megan was more upset by how her and her dad were treated as it was a "good ol boys club." They didn't give Luna as much time in the field as the other NA dog and they let the other NA dog track longer than Luna in HORRIBLE field conditions for tracking. There was only two NA dogs testing that day. The others were testing for UT. But Luna got Prize Three and Megan said, "Even though the score isn't what I wanted, I'm still proud of Luna and I and I know I have a good hunter on my hands." All in all, Luna is a great hunter and she knows what she is doing and this coming fall will put all her skills to test in real life and I can't wait to watch her work! 

The House Pet

Luna's on/off switch is impressive! She is the sweetest, gentle, caring, laid back girl in the house. She is not always as cuddly as Remi, but once in a while she will crawl all so gently and quietly in your lap for a nap. She likes to mostly sleep on the floor or on a bed by herself or with Remi. Luna loves to play with all of the dogs that come and go. She used to go to doggy daycare and that was her favorite because she got to play all day with her buddies. She also does AMAZING with the puppies. She acts as if shes a second mother and is so gentle when playing with them. It's amazing to watch. 

The Homemaker

Luna is only a year old so she has not had a litter at this time. She was easy to train as she loves to please her people. She does have one major quirt. She is shy of new people. This has been really hard for Megan as she got Luna in plans to have her be part of her breeding pool. But this trait is not very desirable. By the time Megan fully understood and figured out that this was part of her and it wasn't a puppy fear stage reaction, Megan was already too attached to Luna to rehome her. There is still a possibility that Megan will breed Luna if she can find a stud with a very bold personality. Luna has to go in for ex-rays for Hip Dysplasia to fully make her decision once she's the correct age. We believe she would be the most amazing mother to those puppies so that doesn't stop us there. Just a decision we will have to make once all appropriate testing is done. 

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