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Our mission is to provide the utmost professional care in a healthy and safe environment that is stress-free for both human and canine clients. All pets are treated with compassion and kindness, as well as a professional and humane approach.

Muddy Paws does full service dog grooming. Full Grooming include: Haircut, bath, towel dry & blow dry, nail trim, and ears cleaned if dirty. Please ASK me if you want me to check the anal glands and I will do them if they are needed. I also offer Neatens for dog such as a Golden Retriever, Pomeranian, Border Collies. Everything is the same as the full groom besides the haircut. They will get trimmed up around feet/legs/butt/ears/tail. Also, Neatens are perfect for in-between full grooms. Muddy Paws also offers Spa Baths. This includes: bath, towel dry & blow dry, brush out, nails trimmed and ears cleaned. Elite baths can be for in between grooming services or for Labrador Retrievers, Pugs, etc. 

**Muddy Paws is currently not taking new clients** Muddy Paws is by Appointment Only!! This means you must contact me to set up a day and time to bring your pet in. Including making an appointment for just a nail trim. I am a home-based groomer and only take one dog or one family of dogs in at a time. This makes for a less stressful place for both the dog and myself. This being said, dogs are to be dropped off at appointment time and picked up as soon as they are finished. Dogs must be up to date on rabies vaccine before any services will be provided. I no longer except aggressive or hard to handle dogs. As it is stressful for both the dog and myself. I am the only groomer at Muddy Paws and dogs like that would do better at a salon where there are two or more professionals present to help. 

Please read through the policy form before arriving. 

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