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Picking Up Your Puppy

We do not ship. Puppy buyers fly into Minnesota or drive here to get their pup. Most people find that they SAVE money coming here vs having a puppy shipped. Plan ahead if you plan to fly into Minnesota. You will want to check with your airline about having a puppy fly with you under your seat in a mesh dog carrier. BUT, most of all, we feel it is very important that you meet your puppies breeder, his/her parent, and where he/she has been raised the last 8-10 weeks when making such a big commitment.  And we would really like to meet you in person as well. I feel as though I learn a lot more about a person in person rather than over email or phone. 


There are two airports that you can fly into. Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP) which is about two hours and ten minutes from Alexandria. MSP is bigger with more options. Hector International Airport in Fargo, North Dakota. About an hour and forty minutes from Alexandria. Fargo's airport can sometimes be more expensive and doesn't fly to all places, but is smaller and less stressful than a bigger airport. Check them both out!

Another popular option is to have Blue Collar Pet Transport drive the puppy to your house. They come and pick up the puppy from my location and drive him/her right to your house. It actually is cheaper than flying and much less stressful. They are really great and do great with the dogs. But, they require a dog to be a certain age and it may take longer for you to get your puppy based on where they are in their travel at that time. They can also fly with your dog to your location. You can also track them 24/7 which gives piece of mind!  

I would highly suggest renting a vehicle to drive to my location if flying in. You can rent a vehicle from either airport. A couple of rentals that allow dogs are Enterprise and Hertz. Obviously when making the reservation explain you will be traveling with a puppy for part of the trip. With renting a vehicle you can make pit stops for the pup to go potty and whatever else you may need. 


When traveling make sure to have:

  • Crate (check what type is needed for airlines)

  • Leash

  • Collar (Pups have a collar, but everyone likes to pick out their own! :)

  • Small water dish for the ride and water 

  • Paper towels and wipes for messes!

  • Poop bags

  • Towel or blanket

  • Some toys to chew on

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