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Puppy Testimonials

Tim S. -Minnesota

"Just about finished watching puppy culture and it has been amazing.  I’m just astonished of what I’ve learned and what I’ve done wrong with my other puppies.  Thank you so much for using this guide for the puppies and sharing it with us.  I have 30 years of gun dogs that I’ve trained with positive reinforcement and have read and watched dozen of training videos and books, but never learned about puppies.  What an eye opener.  Thanks again for letting us get a pup out of this litter and for doing such an amazing job with the updates, pictures, videos and puppies.  This whole experience since we signed on has exceeded all expectations and we feel so fortunate to get one of these pups."

Green f litter.JPG

Joe & Anne P. -Minnesota

"Buying a Small Munsterlander puppy from Muddy Paws Finland was an excellent 5-STAR experience! Megan truly loves what is she does, which is very rare in this world today.  She has provided ALL the essential information and training tips needed to produce a fine hunting dog.  She is a true asset to the Small Munsterlander breed."

Emily & Mike S. - Minnesota

"With a high strung 13yr old Springer and a 1 yr old daughter at home, I was looking for a more calm family dog and my husband wanted another hunting dog. So we started looking for the best combination that would meet both our wants. From the beginning of the process Megan was a huge help and was always there to answer any questions we had right away. Our kids awaited our weekly videos and photos from Megan like it was Christmas!! When making our decision on which pup to pick from, Megan always gave us her honest opinion to help us decide which pup was right for our family. Blu has become a great addition to our family. People are surprised at how calm and well behaved he is for only being a puppy. We couldn’t ask for a better dog, I only wish we could have another one!!  Mike adds- In the field we are totally new to having a pointer, but he has met all our expectations and more!! At 6 months old he is doing hard points and retrieving down birds. His willingness to jump into water to retrieve a bird already is amazing. He plays great with small/big dogs and small kids with no aggression towards anyone. He knows when to play gentle with our toddler and then crazy with the neighbor dogs. "


Bethany V.- Minnesota

"We bought our Small Munsterlander from Muddy Paws in Garfield Minnesota. It was a wonderful experience working with Megan. Before we got our dog we were able to go meet the mother dog and ask questions about the dogs.  When the puppies were born there were scheduled times to meet the new puppies.

through out the 8weeks we were updated with lots of pictures and videos of the puppies along with email updates. We also given emails on care for our puppy upon taking delivery. We have been more than pleased with our puppy. They are SO intelligent and they learn QUICK. As the word has it, they really are a versatile dog.  Our dog is great in the field, (at 6mo.old) and is a perfect companion and lap dog in the house. We would totally recommend getting a Small Munsterlander and working with Megan at Muddy Paws."

Olson Family- Minnesota

"Greta was our 6th dog from a breeder, our first from Muddy Paws. We have never had such an incredible experience before! She was constantly sending us updates, videos, helpful suggestions and advice throughout the entire process. We got to see our puppy grow from birth till we held her in our arms at home. Upon picking her up we received a bag FULL of toys and treats as well as a blanket that smelled like her litter mates. We were blown away by the entire process and will never get a dog from anywhere else. Thank you Muddy Paws for everything!! You go above and beyond and your love for this breed is so evident in everything you do!"


Becca K.- Minnesota

"From the moment we first communicated with Megan at Muddy Paws about getting a small Munsterlander puppy to the moment we brought our little "Lady" home, the whole experience has been amazing! Megan was there every step of the way to answer our questions, to teach us about these wonderful dogs, and to provide us with frequent updates on the puppies. I always looked forward to the photos, videos, and "pupdates." Megan was also always quick to respond, pleasant and easy to talk to, so encouraging, and truly has so much knowledge about these pups. Welcoming "Lady" into our home has been such a blessing! In a house full of crazy boys, she's the perfect addition to our family. She's spunky, smart, curious, adorable, and oh so sweet. When she's sound asleep and snuggling in my arms, I still have to pinch myself that she's really ours! Thank you again for everything, Megan!"

Adam L- Wisconsin

"Since the first day we were in communication everything has gone smoother than I could have expected. I was deployed when I was looking for a puppy which made this process a lot more challenging, but Megan was in constant communication with me answering any and all questions. A lot of other breeders I contacted didn't give me nearly the time of day Megan did, which is what set her and Muddy Paws ahead of the others for me. We are absolutely in love with our boy Floki, he already has spent a lot of time in the woods and appears to be on track to be a great hunter and family dog. Thank you for everything!!!"


Lisa H.- Minnesota

"Working with Muddy Paws has been absolutely wonderful!  The updates/pictures/videos that we got were so much fun!  It was like being there without being there.  Megan went above and beyond what I think most breeders do.  Our little Wren has been one of the best puppies to date that we have had and I believe 100% that it was all the ground work that Megan put into starting these puppies!  If anyone is looking for a SM Munsterlander I would strongly recommend looking at Muddy Paws"

Jeffery H. - Minnesota

"Hi Megan hope it's going well just wanted to say thank you for helping me get the worlds greatest hunting dog. He duck and pheasant hunting this fall like a dream just a champ, unbelievable pheasant hunter and just a wonderful duck hunter my favorite hunting companion of all time."

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