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Meet Remi

RETIRED: Prairie Peak's Adleys April Fool (Remi) was born January 9th, 2016 as Megan's first Small Munsterlander. Remi's sire is Brush Dale's Doggone Right( Scout) and her dam is Brush Dale's Hot Stuff(Stolie). Remi is Megan's first Small Munsterlander and she couldn't be happier as Remi is such a great house pet and her tracking skills are amazing! Remi is roan in color and has beautiful tail. She weighs about 41 lbs and is 21 inches in height (53.34 cm). She is on the smaller side of the standard but still within the requirements and it doesn't stop her at all! 

The Huntress

Remi is a great hunter with amazing tracking skills. At her Natural Ability test she was the fastest tracker of the day. She hunts close as we prefer our dogs to stay closer to us when hunting. She points, tracks, and retrieves for us. She is not much of a tennis ball player but get a bird in front of her and she will retrieve all day. As she was Megan's first SM, testing in the NAVHDA Natural Ability test was also a first. The cut off time to test is 16 months old and we couldn't get her in to test until 17 months old. So we were one month too old, but you can still run your dogs and get a score. She excelled at everything except the search. As we prefer to hunt with our dogs close, the judges like to see dogs ranging much further than what Remi was doing so that is where we got docked points. I was still very proud of myself and Remi that day!

The House Pet

Remi lives in the house, as does all of our dogs. In the home, Remi is very gentle, sweet, loving and calm. She typically likes to lay on the couch with us and lay her head on our laps. She loves to be around her people. She enjoys back and belly rubs the most! She has an on/off switch which we love about her! Just take her out to the fields and she's ready to go! 


Remi loves to play with her daughter, Luna and will typically play with Megan's siblings dogs. It takes Remi a little bit of time to warm up to new dogs. She was not always this way. After she had her first litter of puppies she became more "motherly" and tends to need to show new dogs that she is boss. She used to play with almost every dog no problem, but like I said, she has become motherly now and needs to check every dog out before play.  

The Homemaker

Remi has had very large litters in the past. Her first litter had nine puppies and the second had ten, third had seven, and the fourth had nine. Remi is an exceptional mother! It is amazing to watch her take care of her puppies even with having that many to care for. She does however, prefer to have Megan with her during labor as that can be a stressful time. So I have been with her through all the whelps. Once they are born, she is a devoted mother! She watches very carefully if someone picks up one of her puppies but she trusts us enough to know we won't hurt them. Once the puppies are old enough to play, she will play and teach them things such as mouthing the back of their necks to teach them how to kill furred game. She's all around a great hunter, house and mother dog! 

Here are a few of Remi's offspring
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